Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls & Guys

It's the fights we have over them and the attention we give to them that give or add to their value. Our value is precious as it is. If you notice it, the more girls drooling over a guy, the more self-centered he is. The more cocky he is, and usually that means he's likely to be a douchebag. A girl is of the highest value, if a value could even be put to her. A girl is valueless, to be put more accurately. Thus, if you want to attract a douchebag, just don't give him a rat's poop. Or, to say it more properly, don't give him attention. Of course, there are other factors that come into play, including your physical appearance and how beautiful he thinks you are, because beauty is subjective, and guys are attracted to that. Another factor would be how he finds you as a person, and that constitutes your personality, your behavior, and basically everything that isn't your physical appearance. This includes how confident you are and how you present yourself to others and in different situations. However, fundamentally, it boils down to you not giving him the attention he's so use to getting with other girls. That will distinguish you from the rest. Unless, the rest are also not giving him attention, at which point his value falls down. At which point giving him attention would make you stand out from the rest.

Imagine a guy with no girls after him. Usually it's because there are no other girls after him. It's usually the one with girls chasing after him that girls wants. I am oversimplifying the case, though. There are other things to consider from the other side as well. The guy side. The guy could be handsome himself, which could be a possible explanation of his arrogance. And it's usually the arrogant guys that girls fall for or drool over. It's the guys that are so sure of themselves.

Thankfully though, some girls recognize those types of guys. Some girls are attracted to those douchey ones specifically and knowingly.