Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is Simple...

People make it complicated. Imagine the world without people. Just animals, trees, mountains, seas. Sounds peaceful right?

Since the dawn of time, war has been a way of life for this world and I don't think it will ever stop. It's not because the people of that country want to have it that way; that is most certainly not the case. I don't think people are born with an urge to be in war, to fight in war, to suffer in war. People are brought up in such a way, and in such an environment that it's as if they've been machined to think, say, and act the way they do (socializm). I'm sure some, if not all, of those soldiers fighting out there, whether it be for or against justice, are doing it not because they have a specific intention, mentality or personality. Yes, there are people with the certain nature that wants to slaughter a man's head alive a day, and stab the hell out of another the next, but that would most probably mean they're sick. Literally. Unless someone's born with such a diseaese, I don't think they want to be put under any such circumstance. And one thing's for sure: people have different beliefs and perspectives of this world, think of it and what happens in it in various ways, and have deviating aims and missions in it. However they most certainly share a common interest: achieving peace. The majority of them at least. So since the majority seeks and wants it, how come we never have it? Why doesn't it exist in this planet?

My answer to this is the lack of negotiation between individuals and groups of individuals. "Individuals" is ambiguous here. It could be applied to countries, couples, siblings, etc. This obviously implies a relationship is present, and that war is a result of disagreement. When insufficient negotiation happens, the conflict develops and gets aggravated to a more serious problem; and if not dealt with, results into a crisis.

The next stage is open to pretty much anything. But nothing really pleasant. Ongoing, abstruse dispute. Divorce. Unhonorable competition. Uncalled for violence, injuries, and deaths. The lost benefits of what could have been a healthy positive relationship. The list of what could happen in this stage is endless. No one but a pshyco finds joy in what could happen here (which i will touch in more details in another post). This conflict could last for years, and badly affects the people involved in it. Yet people continue to their ways of perversity and dispute.

Of course, a little disagrement and conflict is healthy in all sorts of relationships, but the downside is when this gets overly out of hand. Oh well, "C'est la vie" as the french best put it.

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