Thursday, August 18, 2011


How could we stop war, when in this world we have people who promote it. Most likely being people with high social status, or supreme authority. When this world was made, there was no such thing as countries. The middle east didn't have "The Gulf", "The Levant", and "The Maghreb", as area names; nor did the continents we live in; or Europe's countries etc. In fact if you took the time to notice, the more we progress into time, the more countries, areas, families, and people in general move their way to increasing fanaticism. These ethnocentric ways are always started by an individual (usually a bigoted one) that wants to enforce his beliefs onto others; the uttermost meaning of uncivilisation I say (yes uncivilisation still exists in this advanced era of life lamentably). This individual would most likely have ravishing skills in deceivingly persuading and convincing others that he/she is the right leader for them; when that's done others are fooled into his/her ways. It's even a huger deception when folks don't even have the right and freedom to choose their leader. These individuals gain or have overwhelmingly strong power. Strong enough to separate large countries into smaller units. Kindoms, smaller sub-units, principalities, duchies, counties, Free Imperial Cities, as well as other domains. You also get further sub-units within these units. It's like unity and group spirit are enemies to us, especially to people these days. I anticipate the day when this world will be one peaceful single whole.

I don't say countries didn't exist in the past, but they were there as a mean to name the location in which people were in; nothing more, nothing less. Now countries are a source of pride, arrogance, greed, hatred amongst others, prejudice by party spirit and all that. IGNORANCE in other words.

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