Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (incident+movie review)

We bought tickets yesterday to watch 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.' at 7:15 pm today and here's the story; we were supposed to leave the house by 6:50. Fatma called two times - once at around 4 pm and once again a little before 6:30 pm - reassuring we should. Maryam maintained this agreement between us by affirming to Fatma and Rouda when they should be ready for us to drop by and pick them up.
After the prodigious hustle over agreeing when to meet, we all start getting ready. 6:30 pm. The timing's okay, but not for folks like us. First of, we're females and it's very common and well established that creatures who happen to be of this sex most likely take at least about fifteen minutes getting ready. That's just excluding the make up application (assuming all ladies wear make up) and the whole 'what to wear' trauma. Secondly, the driver was at the petrol station waiting for a whole line in front of him, to fill up the car - because the car happened to feel that that was the most suitable time for it to act up on us. Thirdster, we as a family have this special gene of ours called 'no hurry, you've got PLENTY of time ahead of you'.
Maryam was busy applying make up for what seemed to be like forever. Instead of nagging at her to hurry up, I thought nagging at F and R would be a thousand times more productive. When I called Fatma's cell, Rouda replied instead and explained to me that little miss F was busy having a shower. Oh the irony. But her showers are fast so no biggie. Next thing you know, it's six minutes past seven. I'm all ready to hit the road, screaming at the top of my lungs for Maryam to get down, so we could once and for all pick Fatma and Rouda up and head to the movies - notice we have six minutes to do all that.
I've decided, since Maryam seemed to need a couple more minutes until she was ready, and F and R lived in the neighboring houses, to go pick them up, and fetch Maryam on our way to the movies.
When we reached the first traffic light that took us straight to our destination, it was almost 7:15 pm. Good thing we live near the movies. I find it very ironic that the cinemas are so close to where we're at, yet we're very late. Right when we we're about to get out of the car, my body suddenly got electrified with the flowing current interacting in my brain cells reminding me that Maryam switched her bag earlier in the day. The bag she used yesterday. The one she put the tickets in! I screamed "The tickets!"
"What about the tickets?" Fatma asked.
I replied addressing Maryam "It's all your fault! I told you I should have kept the tickets in my bag,"
For a second, she wasn't following what I was referring to. She was all question marks. Then, from her changing facial expressions, I could tell she got what I meant. And almost like a reflex action, she shrieked "Oh my God!"
Of course F and R had no idea what we were talking about and when we told them, they got all anxious with us, because the movie probably just started. And what pissed me off the most was not only have I told her that I'll keep the tickets, but Rouda has also done so yesterday! Rouda was pissed as well, and she kept on reiterating to Maryam "I should have kept the tickets with me."
We started shouting at her and blaming her on what was happening. "It's all your fault," we would repeat.
We were all against her, and we gave her a respected 'zafa'. That translates to mean we gave her a respected lecture. And poor little M was all alone giving excuses for her actions.
We ask the driver to go back home, and he turns right in the next round. After that turn, there's two ways to hit the main road. We either go straight or turn right again. From experience, I remember that the easier way out is turning right; Fatma, Rouda, and Maryam were apparently unaware of that. So as soon as I ask the driver to turn right, Rouda, Maryam, and Fatma are like "Are you crazy?", "Straight is the way out," and "That's the parking lot," respectively.
The driver was confused as to which way to go by. I kept on saying right, they kept on saying straight. We were arguing about which way to go. I bet the driver thought we were insane lunatics from all the fuss and noise we made. He was startled but in the end he turned right. The victorious look I had on my face was priceless.
I called my mom asking her to keep the tickets ready for us to collect. When she checked the bag my sister left, she told us that the tickets weren't there. Maryam on the other hand, was positive she left them there. We checked and double checked in the bags we had with us. Turns out, when we got to the traffic light, just a car's drive away from home, to our dismay, that the tickets were in Maryam's bag all along. Much ado about nothing!
We all started laughing at our idiocy. Luckily, thanks to me, the street we took has an easier route to the mall's entrance. We just had to take a U-turn and there the entrance lied before us. I butt in once again to suggest that a new gate the mall just opened at the movies would be a faster way to get in; at least faster than go to the usual gate, arduously make your way to and through the crowded doors of the movies. But I wish that helped. That was just my useless imagination. In reality the car I saw coming out of the movies' section was just parking in the parking lot there. When I saw that car, I thought there were people who were dropped by their. Seemingly, that wasn't the case. By now, the movie has surely past the commercials and trailers previewing stage, started, and was probably past thirty minutes already, for that matter.
Fatma suggested we enter the mall from the back gates; we turned right to go there. She thought there was a way through it, but all there was was a dead end of grass and greenery. Right after it was the alley that took us to the back entrance. A stupid thought of driving over all the plants crossed our minds, but we weren't ready to face the consequences of doing that - the catastrophe we were in was more than enough to deal with. Not to mention that that's unethical. We just left the movies' section and entered from the normal gate we usually go to.
We weren't even bothered to even think of getting drinks or popcorn. We rushed into the theater to find our seats, only to find a living human elephant and giraffe sitting on two of our seats. The seats were full and jammed so we thought it would be a rather better idea to call the cinema escort man to politely ask the two teenagers to move to their actual seats. You see the problem here is, there wasn't one for that particular cinema. GREAT, just to add that much more drama to our day. As if we actually need any. Just that last piece of cherry to add to the cake of disasters we've already been through. So we had to head out, and call one of the workers for help. I come up to a lady that wore the red uniform workers there normally wear, and asked for help. She pointed to the manager, informing me I should tell him that. Fortunately he wasn't that far from the cinema our movie was in. So I went to him and asked for help, yet again. He uttered in a low voice "Someone will be right up."
He sent one of the cinema escort men to deal with the problem. The two teenagers made their way to their actual seats and by the time we were settled on our seats, it was 7:44 pm. Twenty-nine minutes late. That's almost one third of the movie we missed. However, from the point we came in to watch, the movie was frantically quite understandable. We managed to get what was going on in the movie. At the end of the movie, I thought the quarrel and hassle was all worth it.
Crazy, Stupid, Love Poster
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Here's my review of what I saw from the movie (which was basically most of it):
I was expecting an entertaining, albeit predictable, movie. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!
I thought the plot, meshed together with the great acting made a masterpiece of the movie. Everything comes together in a wonderful fashion. The flow and the film are just smart and so well done. It's not like one of those typical romantic comedies, that you can easily predict while watching. It's quite the opposite. I was psyched to know what's going to happen next, instead of worrying whether it'll match my expectations or not. There was a good deal of heart, some genuine laughs, and a great chemistry-laiden cast whose acting was very professional.
If I hold anything against the film, it is that it ended. The incredibly unlikely pair of Ficarra and Requa has crafted a truly wonderful film that is nothing like what you could have expected watching the trailer. It is bittersweet, and easily one of my favorite movies of the summer. I thought it was emotionally uplifting and distinctly hilarious too. And this is coming from someone who loathes almost every single romantic comedy ever conceived.


  1. haha you're retelling of the event is HILARIOUS! I love the way you write!! <3
    But I have to say, I didn't like that movie, it was a huge disappointment for me.

  2. aaw that's so sweet of you, means a lot...will be posting more very soon inshallah xo